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Pokemon Go has been released and it is already becoming a hit with gamers on android and iOS devices. While the game graphics are not all that impressive, there is enough to make players want to explore the map as they search for pokemon. 

The concept of this augmented reality mobile game is pretty basic; you basically wander around catching new creatures. However, you cannot do so without hitting the streets anytime soon.

Pokemon Go requires that players explore their immediate areas, which means they will be crowded in some places, even more than before since they are looking for the creatures and others that they will be alone as they search. 

However, it is important to note that Niantic’s servers are often down as more people log on at the same time in order to play.

Niantic is not ready for this game yet, so players will have to put up with the poor server issues, otherwise, they cannot enjoy it at all. But there is a way to get around this and play the game without having to deal with these problems. 

There are several Pokemon Go hacks that players can use in order to get ahead of other gamers, even if the servers do not allow them to log in because too many people are attempting to connect. 

These hacks basically allow players to log into the game and avoid all of the problems that they would otherwise have with servers.

Another reason why they are able to get around the server issues is that hackers have already figured out how to bypass them, which means that they can access Pokemon Go without any problems at all. 

The hacks also provide players with unlimited pokeballs, so they will never have to worry about running out again. Another way that players could catch pokemon is by searching for them on Google maps. 

However, this does not mean that players can just watch a map and find the creatures as they head over to a certain location. The best thing that you can do is keep an eye on your phone while you are exploring.

The app basically puts a large circle around your current area, which is the best way to find them since there is no real indicator besides that. You should search for pokemon in major cities or populated areas if you do not want to go too far out of your way because there will be so many people playing this game. 

However, if you want to have a better chance at catching more pokemon or rare creatures, you should search in places that are not so busy. 

If you take long enough, the area of your circle will start to reveal more and more pokemon as well as pokestops and gyms that can be found in these areas.

Pokemon Go hack apk is the best way to find all this information and get everything you need. These hacks will allow players to play the game without any problems at all, no matter how many people are trying to login or if Niantic cannot support their servers because of this popularity. 

You should know that pokemon go maps can be found all over the web, but this does not mean that they will be all that helpful. 

Some of these maps are better than others and some include coordinates that can actually lead players to private property or other areas where they have been asked to stay away from.

Features Of Pokemon Go Mod Apk:

APK Features

Unlimited Pokecoins:

With the help of pokemon mod APK, you can enjoy free pokecoins.

Unlimited Pokeballs:

The modded version of Pokémon Go is here to provide you with unlimited poke balls. This updated version has a lot of new features that a player expects in a good game.

Unlimited Stardust:

With unlimited stardust, you can light up your pokemon and make them stronger. Stardust is required to level up your pokemon. If you have unlimited stardust your pokemon will be strong and it won’t require much time to level up.

Cooldown For Throwing Pokeball:

In the regular version of pokemon go, a player is supposed to wait for a cool down before he/she can throw another Pokeball. But with this modded version, you can throw as many pokeballs as you want.

Fast Egg Hatching:

Pokémon Go is a game that requires walking, but walking to hatch the egg can be annoying. To avoid all this trouble you can simply download this modded version and enjoy fast egg hatching.

Stress-Free Play Mode:

With this modded version you don’t have to struggle with servers or login issues. The game runs smoothly and it is stress-free.

GPS Location Spoofing (Fake GPS):

This modded version of Pokémon Go allows you to fake your location and enjoy the game without moving an inch. This feature is good for those players who are tired of walking around to catch pokemon.

Pokemon Go Maps And Live Map Features:

Another good feature of this modded version is the live map. With pokemon go maps, you can easily navigate around the world.

How to free download and install this mod apk?

Firstly, you need to download the Pokemon Go mod apk on your Android phone.

Once downloaded, tap on the file to install it. After completing the installation process click on the open button and enjoy playing pokemon go with unlimited coins, pokeballs etc.



Do I need to root my phone in order to install this modded version?

No, you don’t need to root your device for this app. Just download and install it like any other Android game or app.

Will I get banned if I use this hacked version of the game?

It is highly unlikely. Niantic is constantly banning hacked and spoofed accounts and implementing new security measures to defeat cheats in the game, but we have yet to hear of a single case where a player has been banned for using this hacked version of Pokémon go.

Will I get banned if someone reports me?

Yes, you might get banned. There is nothing we can do about it and it’s all up to the players who report others. If they report you for using this app or any other hack, then there are high chances that your account will be banned by Niantic.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends and other players even if they aren’t using this modded version.

Can I use Pokemon go maps in my country?

Yes, there is no restriction on the map. You can use it anywhere in the world.

Are this unlimited coins hack working on iOS devices?

No, it is only for Android users. There are no hacks available for iOS at this moment.

Will the coins and poke balls disappear after a certain amount of time?

No, you can use them as much as you want. You have unlimited coins and poke balls so they will never disappear from your account.


This is the end of an article on the Pokémon Go hack apk. I hope you got what you are looking for. This app is becoming less popular because Niantic has detected many of the hacks and they have started to ban players who are using them. I hope this guide will help you play the game and catch pokemon without getting banned.

If you have any questions or trouble with the app, feel free to leave a comment below. We are glad to help our readers and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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