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June 22, 2021
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Are you curious about what it’s like to be a bus driver? Would you want to learn about and experience this unique way of life by working as a bus driver? At the same time, are you itching to embark on a tour of Indonesia’s magnificent landscapes? 

Then you should certainly check out this brand-new and entertaining mobile application from Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Board your favorite buses and immerse yourself in the unique and intriguing gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia, where you’ll have the opportunity to work as a full-time bus driver in the amazing country of Indonesia. 

Explore the in-depth and gorgeous gameplay as you travel across the country’s breathtaking and historic landscapes while simultaneously acting as a bus driver.

Learn more about Maleo’s incredible mobile game Bus Simulator Indonesia by reading our reviews.


The game is the best bus driving simulation for anybody interested in visiting Indonesia and living the unique life of a bus driver in this stunning nation. As you pick up and drop off passengers at each stop, ride on your bus. Enjoy yourself on the realistic and precise highways complete with traffic. Simultaneously, enjoy your incredible journey on a range of various vehicles.

Android players will find themselves working and playing as a full-time bus driver in the game by completing a number of in-game missions. Begin by adhering to the country’s current driving rules. Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in unique and intriguing activities while driving through renowned places around the country. Take advantage of your visit to the nation by driving the automobile to various spots. In this amazing bus simulation, you can experience the real Indonesia.


This section contains all of the game’s interesting features:

Controls that are simple and straightforward to use will assist you in getting started.

To begin, Android players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will have access to amazing in-game experiences as they immerse themselves in the fascinating driving simulation action. Feel free to board any bus and rapidly become accustomed to its controls while enjoying the simple and intuitive handling of a vehicle.

Utilize the touch button controls as you navigate your bus across Indonesia’s scenic highways. Alternatively, take advantage of the real controls, which include accessible pedals, gear shifters, and a steering wheel. The fantastic in-game controls will assist you in getting started in your preferred manners.

Additionally, for those of you who are interested, the game offers a variety of various viewpoints. Begin in third person, observing your bus and the road from above. Gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia may immerse themselves in the action by climbing inside the cockpit. Consider the road ahead and the people in the back seats. It’ll surely give you the impression that you’re operating your own bus.

Visit the country’s numerous authentic cities and locations.

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to gorgeous Indonesian cities. That being said, you may immerse yourself in authentic bus driving experiences by riding your bus around the country.

Explore and discover the magnificent cities, each with its own unique scenery, places, and advanced road system. Stop at stations to allow customers to exit and new ones to enter. It’s as though you’re operating your own bus. Additionally, the authentic and realistic cities will allow you to travel the country without leaving the game.

Legitimate Indonesian buses with detailed and realistic designs

Additionally, as you immerse yourself in the amazing bus simulation action, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will get access to authentic Indonesian buses, each with its own distinct and intriguing design. Ride in awe-inspiring cars that feature genuine designs and settings. As you jump on these unique journeys, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of a bus driver from a variety of perspectives.

Stunning maps with precise patterns and aspects of realism

And for those of you who are interested, you will undoubtedly like the game’s beautiful maps. Feel free to immerse yourself in the in-game traffic, which has realistic road structures, a fully functional traffic signal and sign system, and a plethora of cars that fill the street each time you ride one of your favorite buses. The sophisticated AI will enable the other cars to function in the same manner as they would on the street. Additionally, the simple Weather system enhances the realism and enjoyment of your journeys by allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the amazing in-game landscapes.

You are welcome to personalize your rides.

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also have access to the game’s in-depth bus modifications. Feel free to get in your favorite vehicle and customize it to your heart’s content.

Begin by applying fresh colors, customizing your car’s components, and adding specific designs, calligraphy, and so on. You are able to customize your rides as you like in the game. Take it a step further by adding a variety of fascinating LED lights and modifications as you go.

Additionally, you may improve your bus to give a better over-the-road experience for both passengers and drivers. Upgrade the seats, the motors, and the tires as desired.

Cool, unique, and recognizable honks

Additionally, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will have access to thrilling gameplay in which they may access various honks with their automobiles. And, most significantly, you may have fun with the “Om Telolet Om!” phenomenon, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Make use of as little advertising as possible.

Additionally, Android gamers will not be disturbed by intrusive advertisements when playing Bus Simulator Indonesia. That being stated, the game has as little advertisements as possible. As a result, you will have no difficulty enjoying the game to the maximum. And, maybe most significantly, there will be no obtrusive advertisements that obscure your vision or interrupt your gaming.

Connect to your Google Play Service accounts to gain access to exclusive content.

For those interested, you may also connect the game to the Google Play Service and access more content. That being said, you may quickly find fresh games in the Leaderboards, where you’ll compete against the country’s best drivers. As you go, complete your in-game challenges to the best of your ability and get the greatest possible score. Additionally, with the accessible online saves, you may safely store your progress and simply sync it across other devices. Never have I encountered a game as entertaining and convenient as Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Create and modify your own 3D car model

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, to add to the game’s appeal, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will have access to the game’s expansive and engaging gameplay via the game’s intriguing mod system. It enables you to drive on a variety of unique 3D models and explore the streets of Indonesia in a variety of ways. As you continue, hop on a range of fascinating 3D objects.

It is completely free to play

For those who are unaware, the game is presently available for free to all Android players on their mobile devices. As a result, you’ll be able to download and install the game for free from the Google Play Store.

With our mod, you’ll have access to an infinite amount of money.

And if you’re finding the game a little annoying owing to the in-game advertisements and purchases, you can totally remove them by downloading our patched version of the game. Enjoy thrilling journeys and explore Indonesia’s stunning landscapes while getting access to limitless money, ad-free activities, and more. Have the game totally unlocked and available to play for free.

Excellent visual and aural qualities


Bus Simulator Indonesia offers Android players an interesting bus simulation that you will undoubtedly love. That being said, the precise sound effects will help you maintain a sense of presence during your trips. And the soothing music will undoubtedly add an element of intrigue. Not to mention the unique in-game radio and music that will immerse you in Indonesian culture.


For those interested, Bus Simulator Indonesia provides authentic and rich visual experiences that will undoubtedly gratify. That being said, you’ll undoubtedly find the stunning automobiles, intricate road structures, precise traffic, and correct weather to be just wonderful. Additionally, the realistic mechanics will make you feel as though you’re driving in real life.

Finally, some thoughts

Fans of the popular Bus Simulator 2017 will undoubtedly love Bus Simulator Indonesia’s fresh and exciting gameplay. With it, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a whole new gaming experience while riding genuine Indonesian buses and seeing the nation. And, perhaps most significantly, the free and unlocked gameplay will satiate even the most cynical players.

What's new

- fix traffic lamp glitch on PowerVR gpu
- various bug fixes

- new city and surabaya updated
- trailer supports in vehicle mod
- graphical improvements & optimization:
-- realtime reflections
-- road wear
-- improved lighting & shader



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