6 Apps To Use An Alarm For Multiple Times Per Day

You’d think that something as simple as recurring alarms or reminders could be an integrated feature of smartphones.

Although you could easily set up your device to be able to ring at the exact time each day, you can’t make it vibrate, for instance, every two hours, without having to create 12 different alarms. This is unless you are using a third-party app.

If you have to take medicine three times per day or simply need to ensure you drink fluids every sixty minutes The apps available on Android and iOS can help you achieve your objectives.

6 Apps To Use An Alarm For Multiple Times Per Day

What else can you do using your smartphone?

Most likely, the shortest period to set as an alarm using your device’s built-in clock calendar or reminder application is 24 hours. There are, however, some unplanned alternatives.

On Android, it is possible to alter the duration of snooze on your phone to make an alarm sound at least every 30 min. To achieve this, you need to open the Clock app and create a regular alarm by pressing the large + button on the bottom and setting the parameters you want to use.

After you’ve finished tapping three dots to activate the alarm. 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then navigate into the Settings. Scroll down to find Alarms and then you’ll see tap the Snooze duration.

Choose the final selection, 30 minutes is the longest period you can snooze your alarm. Be aware that the Android features vary greatly depending on the device’s manufacturer So don’t be surprised when you don’t have this option or if it’s possible to create recurring alarms (lucky you).

If you have to apply this method, just press snooze each time the alarm goes off, and you’ll be alerted every half hour.

In addition to the fact that it’s an ineffective method the main drawback is that, since the snooze is now the alarm, you’ll need to complete the task right there right now, rather than you could forget it till the alarm sounds again.

Apple does not allow iOS users to alter the default snooze time of 9 minutes and therefore, you cannot apply this trick if you are using an iPhone. You can create a timer using the Clock app and press repeat on your phone’s lock screen each time it sounds.

However, this is only effective when the phone’s locked at the time the alarm sounds. If it’s not locked, the best option is to launch the Clock app and set the timer to a different time. Of course, this is not fully automated and is more than a little sloppy.

However, there are third-party applications to help with the task.

Apps to set recurring alarms on iOS

Hourly Chime could be among the most basic recurrent alarm programs accessible. The only thing it offers is alarms that go off each hour, at the hour.

However, you can select the alerts that sound on what days, and then add notes to each alarm to make sure you are aware of what to accomplish each time. You can’t modify the time.

The hourly Chime hasn’t seen a major update in five years, but when you consider how simple it is that shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re looking for more options and settings, Repeat Timer is an alternative that is more comprehensive. Reminders can be set to go off in a matter of seconds (why would you want to do that?) or as much as a full day.

If you have a basic account, it will give you five repeats from one-timers. However, you can set a different timer to repeat 5 times when it runs out. For just $5, you get 99 repetitions for each timer, along with 35 additional sounds, and the option of having more than 10 timers running simultaneously.

There’s also Alarmed which could be the most feature-rich application in this listing. It allows you to set up alarms by setting preset times, or by specifying the exact time you’d like it to turn off. You can also identify your reminders, include notes, color-code them and place them in one specific category. 

Alarmed is the only application listed on this list that comes with the ability to nudge you, which will constantly remind users of what they need to do until you perform the task and remove the alarm. 

Alarmed also boasts one of the largest music libraries available on our list. So if you wish to identify each reminder by hearing it, there are a myriad of options, including simple sounds, “frog symphony,” and even a roaring zombie.

Like Hourly Chime, Alarmed has not been updated for a time (six years) which means that its design and functions might not be compatible with the latest iPhone models.

Apps to set recurring alarms on Android

If you’ve ever considered that your alarm could be socially connected for it Galarm is the perfect app for you. This app for free allows you to share alerts to your family and friends which means that you and your children aren’t going to forget the anniversary of your parents ever again.

Galarm can also create a reminder for an individual else and alert you when it is set to go off and you can verify whether the person you’re sharing with was doing what they were supposed to do. Apart from that, the application lets you set periodic reminders that will be set to go off for as long as every hour.

Additionally, premium users ($0.99 per month or $6.99 annually) can reduce that to 45 minutes intervals. You can also include a note in your alarm, choose the tone it’ll emit, and the number of times you can set it to sleep.

Another app that is equally powerful can be found in To Do Reminder. It’s not as popular as Galarm however this one allows you to schedule alarms to start sounding as frequently as each minute. You can also set up an alarm notification that reminds you when the alarm is due.

To-Do Reminders can be adapted and could be useful if your aim is to give your dog the medication prescribed by your veterinarian or even leave your desk for a few minutes every hour.

You could also consider Repetition Alarm. The name itself isn’t flashy as its interface, however, it delivers exactly what it says it will accomplish. The app can sound frequently, as often as every five minutes, however unlike other apps listed on this listing.

Repeat Alarm lets you choose a time period to ensure you’re sure that the “Drink water!” reminder does not wake you around 4 a.m. It also allows you to select three different lengths of snooze (one five, one, and 10 minutes) each time it is triggered.

If you decide to turn off the alarm, it will ask you to confirm that you did the thing you had to complete. You can also choose the sound for each alarm. And even though you can purchase a $3.49 premium account that can give you additional options, the basics are more than enough to meet your requirements.

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