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Be part of the movement! Alight Motion, is the first pro motion graphics app for your smartphone, bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing.
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October 6, 2021
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A new app has just been released on the Android market called Alight Motion. This is a great way to get your groove on and do some exercise at the same time. 

You can use this app if you are looking for something that will work out your whole body, but it’s also perfect for beginners who want to lose weight or tone their muscles! This is a great app for both men and women.

Participate in the movement! Alight Motion is the first professional motion graphics software for your smartphone, allowing you to create professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing.


  • Graphics, video, and audio layers on top of each other
  • Vector and bitmap graphics support (edit vector graphics on your phone!)
  • Color correction and visual enhancements
  • All parameters support keyframe animation.
  • Animating easing for smoother motion: Choose from defaults or create your own timing curves.
  • Motion blur caused by velocity
  • Save the video as an MP4 file or as a GIF animation.
  • Fill effects in solid color and gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient gradient
  • Shadow and border effects
  • Join layers together.
  • Keep your favorite pieces in a folder for simple re-use in future projects.

Alight Motion is free to use and includes a watermark on any videos you make. The software offers numerous paid membership options for removing the watermark and accessing premium features. 

Subscription choices that automatically renew unless you cancel are among them. Google handles subscriptions, which may be canceled using the Google Play Store app or website.


Alight Motion requires at least 1.5GB of RAM to install and function properly. It is recommended that you have a phone with at least Android Lollipop and up to install Alight Motion.

Alight Motion will only work on devices that support OpenGL ES version 21 or higher. If your device does not meet these requirements, then it may crash while trying to open the app.


How do I remove the watermark?

You can choose to subscribe for membership. Membership options are available in-app by clicking on “More” at the bottom of your screen and selecting “Membership.” You may also select any one of them from Google Play store or app website.

If you have subscribed, then this will remove all watermarks from any video you make.

What is the difference between a free and paid member?

The most important differences are: members can create videos up to ten minutes in length, remove watermark on all of their creations (free users still have access to the app), and use advanced template options that come with premium membership like effects pack, sound pack, and scene pack.

How do I use this app?

After opening Alight Motion on your Android smartphone or tablet, select a template that best suits what type of project you want to make. There are a variety of templates available, including motion graphics and social media videos.

Once you have selected your template, click on the “+” sign at the bottom left corner of your screen to add assets from our library onto the timeline that is running across the bottom of Alight Motion’s home screen.

Select an asset by clicking it once, then drag it where you would like for it to be placed in relation to its current position on your project map. You can also adjust properties such as scale or rotation using sliders at the top right-hand side of each asset box under “Animation.”

These changes will not alter how an asset looks within this app – they only affect what happens when exported out as a video file with the app.

Lastly, you can preview your project at any time to see how it looks so far by clicking on the “Play” button located in the bottom center of Alight Motion’s home screen. You will have access to all assets that were previously added onto this timeline and be able to move them around or delete them as necessary.

How do I export my work?

To share a video created with Alight Motion, click on the wrench icon next to the play button under “Export.” From here, choose between exporting an MP40 file or creating a GIF animation.

 If you are exporting for use online or sending through email/messenger/social media, then we recommend using MP40 files because they are high quality but much smaller in file size than GIFs.

If you choose to export a video as an MP40, then we recommend that you adjust the “Size” setting under properties for each of your assets before exporting it out. This will determine how much space is taken up by your project when exported into its final form.

Different types of videos are expected to be viewed at different resolutions – for example, if you’re making a social media post with Alight Motion’s app and want users on all platforms to see it clearly across desktop or mobile devices, then our recommendation would be 1920 x 1080 pixels (or whatever resolution best fits within the device). 

If however, this is intended for Leaguepedia TV where HD quality content can only really go up to 720p, then we recommend 1080 x 720 pixels.

When you’re ready to export your project out of the app and share it with the world around you, click on “Export” in Alight Motion’s home screen and select MP40 or GIF as desired. 

A dialogue box will appear asking for permission to use your device’s storage space – click yes here so that all exported videos can be saved onto your smartphone or tablet until such time as they are sent through email/messenger/social media channels (at which point they will immediately disappear from local storage).

You don’t have to worry about exporting an unfinished product if you do not wish for others outside this app to see it; exports only occur once a video is 100% complete!

Is the Alight Motion MOD APK file Is launched by the original developers?

Not at all, Alight Motion MOD APK is not launched by its original developers and you should not use it.

Is the Alight Motion MOD APK file is safe to use?

Nope, it is not safe to use and download Alight Motion MOD APK on your mobile device

What to do if I have already Install Alight Motion MOD APK on my mobile device?

Delete it as soon as possible because It infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.

Why is it not good to use Alight Motion MOD APK?

MOD APKs are made by the game developer to fix bugs, glitches, or other problems within the APK. If you use one for this purpose then it’s okay, but if you use them to get premium features for free then I suggest staying away from them.


Alight Motion Apk is the best way to create and share your own personal, customized videos with friends and family around the world.

The best part of this app is that it can be used on both iOS and Android devices, so everyone in your family or social circle has access to creating their own content with Alight Motion’s simple yet effective features!

Alight Motion MOD APK Is not launched by its original developers and you should not use it.

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