Different types of hair accessories

Different Types

Hair Accessories

Hair Clips



Historically, women in many cultures around the world have adorned their hair. From jewels to beads to decorative nets and combs, hair accessories have been all the rage. Why not? Accessories range from the more practical such as plain ponytail holders to the whimsical such as clip-on locks of hair to add volume to an updo. In ancient cultures, only the royal and rich could bejewel their hair in style. In modern times, even those on a tight budget can add a bit of fun to their hairstyle. It only takes a trip to the chemist or local pound shop to find the perfect accessory.


Hairbands and scarves are among the amateur hair magician’s favourite tools. A bad hair day is easily averted by scooping hair back and away from the face in a chic do. Many hair accessories are so pretty that women employ them on a variety of occasions. From sporty to glamorous, a fun flirty hair scrunchie or bejeweled barette can add that extra something to any style.

Butterfly clips

Hair accessories are simply the best when elevating an entire hairdo.

It doesn't have to be rhinestones. It could be as simple as a clip on the side or a band.

Varying in design, shape, size, and of course, usage, hair accessories are a must-have in your collection.

So, why should you get one?

A fresh new hairstyle for the new week or event is such a confidence booster. The new hair look can elevate your entire outfit, and you just might end up looking fantastic. This is where a hair accessory comes in. It allows you to change between new hair looks however much you please.

Wearing a hair accessory can make your look super simple, elegant, or even playful. There are no restrictions on how you should wear one or how many you can have. As long as it makes you look fantastic, why not go for it?

What to watch out for when purchasing a hair accessory

There are certain factors to consider before getting your accessories. You obviously don’t want to make the mistake of buying something that’s of cheap quality. That could result in unwanted skin infections, and of course, nothing low quality lasts for long.

Additionally, check for accessories with decorative material that is high quality. Seeing your crystals fall off the hair clip or have the paint on the fake pearls chipping away, especially while you’re wearing it looks terrible if not cheapening your entire look. It doesn’t have to be Swarovski-approved but should be high-quality all the same.